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The colorful Bike Shop​

We are Loris Velos - Family SME and Bike Store with Web Shop

Our greatest strength is that we do not compromise on service quality whatsoever. Every bike, and we mean EVERY SINGLE ONE, is unpacked, checked and adjusted by experts in our workshop. Only that way we can ensure, that all of our bikes reach our customers in perfect condition.

About Bikes

A bike in Switzerland is more than an individual mode of transport with two wheels. It is an expression of joy, the urge to move, the desire to discover. At least it should be. In the shop, Flo always says to customers: Buying a bike is like looking for a partner: you have to fall in love. And you have to find a compatible partner, so that it works in the long term.

Our job as a bicycle dealer is to spread the cyclist's attitude towards life and to encourage everyone to enjoy an active life. This is the belief we operate on, this is our mission. In short, we won't sell you a bike, we only serve as a dating platform where you can get to know your next bike partner.

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