Gangurru Basket set white Gangurru - 1
  • Gangurru Basket set white Gangurru - 1
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Gangurru Basket set white

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Basket set for Gangurrus and other vintage bikes

This steel set from the Gangurru manufacturer is compatible with all bikes that have a rigid axle on the front wheel and 1" threaded fork (like there are on most vintage bikes before ca 1995).

In principle, we do not recommend loads over 6 kg. Although the construction could withstand a lot more, balancing heavier loads is no longer easy and can be dangerous on busy roads. The steel basket is screwed onto the bike, with the removable inner basket you can transport your things around (don't forget to lock if you don't take it with you).

Including inner (cane) basket and mounting set

The wooden basket is impregnated, but if it get wet make sure it can dry properly - otherwise it can start to rot (logically, wood ..).

Set includes steel basket, cane basket, support bracket (wheel axle -> basket), and the screw set required to assemble.

Checked in our Workshop

Each and every bike is partially assembled and checked by experts in our bike shop.

Optionally delivery: 100% ride-ready

For 20 Franks upcharge we'll send you your bike fully assembled to your doorstep. You can select this during checkout as shipping option.

Any Questions?

For further assistance we are there for you, please dont' hesitate to get in touch under:

061 338 92 33

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