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Knog PWR Rider

Ridiculously strong headlight aka power bankDo you want to see something while cycling? The PWR Rider illuminates your path with a powerful 450 lumens. Flo regularly rides through an unlit forest and sees every root.The light comes with 6 programmed light modes so that oncoming traffic is not dazzled in the city. You can also program light modes yourself, but it is rarely used (why should...

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Gangurru Front Light

Gangurru Front LightThe Gangurru Front Light nestles perfectly against the front basket of the Gangurru series. But also fits any other bike - simply turn the bracket around and attach it to the brake caliper or fender bracket.Easy to useAn on / off button makes operation easy,  to change the AA batteries it requires a 2.5mm Allen key.Included in the Gangurru scope of deliveryThis light is...

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Gangurru Rear Light

Gangurru rear lightThe Gangurru rear light hugs the rear fender of the Gangurru series perfectly. But also fits any other bike - usually just remove the reflector and attach the rear light. The rear light contains a reflector so that no additional one has to be attachedSimple operationAn on / off button makes operation easy, and a small Phillips screwdriver is required to change the AAA...