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Dolly E-Cargobike

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Variants : Dolly offers this cargo bike in five different frame and 11 box colors. Your own combinations can be configured in the customizer and ordered through us. The bikes are then individually produced in Holland, delivery time currently approx. 4-8 weeks.

Comfortable on the move thanks to the cargo e-bike

Sweat-free rides with children or heavy loads, even up the hill. This latest version of the Dolly Bakfiet comes with a 250W Bafang mid-motor, supports up to 25 kmh and thanks to the 600 Wh battery even on long journeys. Can be ordered in your own color combination, with many optional accessories on request.

What sets the dolly apart from other cargo bikes

When buying a cargo bike, you always have to be aware first become what his personal requirements are. The strengths of the dolly are clearly the strong price, the good workmanship and the high quality standard. That sounds ultra-generic, but it is the most important factor for all bikes.

In addition: Compared to other models, the dolly tends to be a bit longer and has more space in the transport box. We are also convinced that 2-wheel cargo bikes are superior. This makes the E-Dolly extremely manoeuvrable despite its 265cm length. Both of the chosable transport boxes offer a lot of space, and the normal box has an integrated bench seating two children.

The rest is pretty standard: Schwalbe tires, hub dynamo, disc brakes, Bafang motor, Ergo saddle - equivalent to the material that any self-respecting manufacturer would use.

Modularly expandable with accessories

Dolly also produces a wide range of accessories for your own bakfiets. This ranges from a simple rain cover for the load basket to a complicated rain cover for seated children in the load basket, to floor mats, additional benches, seat cushions, and so on.

We can also order these accessories normally, if interested, simply use the Write a comment field at checkout!

Environmentally conscious travel

Because cargo bikes are not very easy to produce, they are not a positive environmental factor per se. The effect only occurs when you use it. Because every time you leave your car at home, we have been able to save some CO2 again.

The fully recyclable plastic box rounds off the dolly design, the double-walled plastic box is extremely stable, safe and works like a bumper on a car.

Dolly Bakfiets

Dolly Bakfiets produces Dutch (also - electric) cargo bikes of the highest quality for carefree cargo bike use. Dolly has been completely developed and produced in the Netherlands since 2012. Because the owner rides it himself and speaks to Dolly riders every day, it can now compete with much more expensive cargo bikes. The manufacturer self-declares that they regularly hear: “Our dolly is the best purchase we ever did”, which we believe for once. This bike just offers freedom and wonderful rides.

Satisfaction guarantee is a tough phrase, but the few customers who have bought a non-electrified dolly from us so far are both extremely satisfied (and still customers ;-). It is not for nothing that a Dutch magazine voted the Dolly Bike "best purchase" in 2021. And that in the motherland of cargo bikes! When we find out about bikes, customer forums are always a good reference point - and when we discussed inclusion in the range at the time, this thread an important reference point.

Checked in our Workshop

Each and every bike is partially assembled and checked by experts in our bike shop.

Optionally delivery: 100% ride-ready

For 60 Franks upcharge we'll send you your bike fully assembled to your doorstep. You can select this during checkout as shipping option.

Any Questions?

For further assistance we are there for you, please dont' hesitate to get in touch under:

061 338 92 33


• Light double-walled plastic box is available in 11 colors

• Choose one of five different frame colors

• Top high-end components, built to last • Motor: Bafang M400 MaxDrive mid-engine, 250Watt, 80Nm peak power

• Support: 5 support levels and a walking position

• Battery capacity: 600Wh, upgrade to 750Wh possible. 43 volts

• Range: at least approx. 35 KM in extreme use and approx. 80 KM in normal use

• Removable battery: Yes, in the luggage rack

• Type of display: Luxury LCD color display, on-off, lighting and walking mode via switch

• Supported up to: 25 KM / H

• Gears: NuVinci Enviolo Cargo N380 hub gear, powerful and stepless shifting

• Wheels: Strong Ryde Big Bull rims with thick rustproof G13 spokes, V 20 × 1.75, A 26 × 1.95

• Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes Tektro HD-T285L. V 180 mm, A 160 mm disc

• Paint layer: double powder coating in the Netherlands. Choice of 5 matt colors

• Frame size: Uni, with seat post adjustment, suitable for everyone from 1.55m to 2.05m

• Container: Material (double-walled / NL produced / PE) Choice of 11 colors

• Lock: ART-approved ring lock Axa SolidPlus

• Stand: Stable, double stand, safe parking on any flat surface

• Rear rack : A color-coated rear rack is standard. • Capacity box: With a second bench, a maximum of 3 children, the loading capacity of the container is 80 kg

• Dimensions: L 265cm x W 65cm x H 115cm (box edge at H77cm) • Weight: bike with rider and maximum load of 275 KG

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