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Gudereit LC-30

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Attention: Gudereit offers every model in different frame shapes, sizes and colors. We can order everything, but only present online what we actually have in stock and can deliver immediately.

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Gudereit LC-30 - A solid companion made in Germany

In our shop we like to refer to the LC-30 as our all-trick donkey. Whether in the city or on a tour, on tar roads or nature trails, as a pensioner or student, with or without a trailer - this bike can do everything. And all that at a low price !!

This version is equipped with a hydraulic Magura rim brake (Version with disc brake see here)

Well-selected components

Of course, the question arises, how is (or is actually) something like that possible? In short, Gudereit scrutinized every component and looked for a perfect compromise between quality and price. Example: Schwalbe "City Lite" are used as tires -> Well-known manufacturer, puncture protection level 3 (of 7), touring profile with a focus on road use. No high-performance tires, no mountain bike studs, but simply a solid, brand-quality tire.

And this target landing has been achieved with every part of this bike, from the lights to the drive to the saddle, grips, pedals, etc.

Why buy this bike

As a very diverse bike, there are many different valid reasons to choose the Gudereit LC-30. In other words, it may be in your candidate pool if you are looking for an everyday city bike and / or a simple touring bike. The 24-speed Shimano Acera drive allows for heavy use, but in this case it should be serviced once a year, and when the bike is stored outside you have to lube the chain regularly.

The suspension fork and a suspended seat post make the ride comfortable on any surface. The hydraulic HS11 rim brake from Magura guarantees you safe braking even with a trailer load. Thanks to the hub dynamo, you always have a strong light without noticeable resistance. Last but not the least, the comfort parts necessary in everyday life are also included, such as mudguards (including chain guard), luggage racks and stands.

Why are there more expensive bikes at all?

The LC-30 designed for the broadest possible application, and that already excludes some more specialized users. In addition, there is no "natural" upper limit for materials in the bicycle sector - you could move into the limitless (an unpayable) for many components - but that would be a waste of money for most riders.

This bike is an above-average mid-range bike, here we show where the differences to the high-end segment lie:

1. Highly developed parts: The luxury segment often uses what we call prime parts, such as "impenetrable" puncture protection tires, parallelogram saddle springs or over-developed flood headlights.

2. Another point is comfort: while 24 gears are usually enough for the common man, mountain dwellers or touring fanatics might prefer the 30-speed XT gear shift. Another example here is the Suntour suspension fork: The LC-30 has an oil spring suspension, while an air suspension fork would be used in the higher range.

3. Wear & prophylaxis: Primarily affects the drive (chain) -> The rule of thumb here is that the more expensive the material, the more forgiving of gross abuse is is. It starts with the weather - an 80 franc chain rusts later than one for 30 - and the same goes for the kilometer capacity until it has to be replaced. We repeat: The group chosen for the LC-30 is absolutely fine, but for extreme cases e.g. a 2x 45 minutes commute every day 200 days a year, we would recommend a larger investment.

Unbeatable price-performance!

You will not easily find a similarly inexpensive bike that can do the same in all of Bike Switzerland - especially not in a expert bike shop like we are. We are used to high prices in the specialist bicycle trade in Switzerland - and Gudereit manages to bring in a very strong competitor made in Germany.

Is there a catch? No - maybe the 24-speed Acera groupset is a step too low for bike enthusiasts, but we think: suitable for everyday use!


Gudereit is a smaller, German bicycle manufacturer that celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2019. In the same year the company was voted the most popular bike manufacturer in Germany by a specialist magazine. They don't do too much wrong. See also Gudereit.

Availability / Variants

This bike is available from stock in the variant listed. Attention, the color Velos is glossy red or light blue matt in a monotube version, our supplier only provided us with the red version and the blue version in the women's frame version as a picture. Due to the corona situation, there is an average delivery time of approx. 12 months for other variants (frame shape and size as well as color), the light blue variant is no longer available. Of course we would be happy to order a bike with different values, please contact us at

Checked in our Workshop

Each and every bike is partially assembled and checked by experts in our bike shop.

Optionally delivery: 100% ride-ready

For 20 Franks upcharge we'll send you your bike fully assembled to your doorstep. You can select this during checkout as shipping option.

Any Questions?

For further assistance we are there for you, please dont' hesitate to get in touch under:

061 338 92 33

Frame size:

Gudereit offers different frame shapes for each model, which is why the table sometimes has two numbers on the right. These shapes are shown in more detail in the specifications below.

For this bike, we recommend the following frame size for you:

Body size:Frame size
152 – 162cm45cm
163 - 172cm48cm

This recommendation is based on numerous test rides with customers in our shop. If you want to make the calculation yourself, just in case, you can find all information on our frame size info page.


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