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Gudereit Premium 8.0 evo lite

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Attention: Gudereit offers every model in different frame shapes, sizes and colors. We can order everything, but only present online what we actually have in stock and can deliver immediately.

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Premium 8.0 - the uncomplicated city bike

The combination of hub gearing and belt drive guarantees the least possible maintenance effort for a bike. Shimano Alfine hubs as well as the hydraulic Shimano disc brakes guarantee longevity and worldwide supply over a long period of time. Made in Germany also ensures a high quality level for the whole bike.

Explanations of the model designation: "Lite" means street version (without suspension fork), "evo" means version with disc brakes.

Why buy this bike?

The weather in Switzerland is always a challenge to consider when buying a bike - especially if you don't have a bike room, often a given in cities with many older houses like Basel, Winterthur, Zurich, Bern etc. The equipment of the Premium 8.0 is designed to cope with these challenges. And for frequent use in the city for riders who also appreciate a extremely reliable bike.

This is supplemented with a bright light (hub dynamo) and the usual everyday and comfort parts from mudguards to luggage racks to Ergo saddles and the "unpenetrable" Schwalbe tires.

There are few bikes that require as little service / self-maintenance. The two key components for this are the drive and the brakes:

Gates toothed belt & Alfine gear hub

Instead of a chain, this bike has a belt drive. Compared to a chain, the belt can't rust, has about 1.5 times the service life and does not require any lubrication. That's also why there are never any oil stains on clothing.

In combination with this, Gudereit mounts a Shimano Alfine 8-speed gear hub. The big advantage of a hub gear is that all shifting parts are hidden inside the wheel hub - and thus protected from the weather and external impacts. The 8 gears have a range comparable to a 24-speed sprocket gearing, more than enough for city use and the occasional excursion.

The Shimano disc brake

There is also a Shimano MT401 disc brake. Not only does a disc enable more braking power than a rim brake, it also allows the use of harder materials and thus slower wear. Even frequent riders with a house on top of a hill will rarely have to change pads every year, and brake safely to work in every season of the year.


Gudereit is a smaller, German one Bicycle manufacturer, which celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2019. In the same year, the company was voted the most popular bike manufacturer in Germany by a specialist magazine. They don't do too much wrong. See also Gudereit.

Availability / Variants

See also the specifications. We are happy to help you with the selection

Yeah! , from April 2023 the procurement time has been reduced again to the usual 4-8 weeks. However, due to the strong demand, the motto is: It lasts as long as there are frames...

Checked in our Workshop

Each and every bike is partially assembled and checked by experts in our bike shop.

Optionally delivery: 100% ride-ready

For 20 Franks upcharge we'll send you your bike fully assembled to your doorstep. You can select this during checkout as shipping option.

Any Questions?

For further assistance we are there for you, please dont' hesitate to get in touch under:

061 338 92 33

Frame size:

Gudereit offers different frame shapes for each model, which is why the table sometimes has two numbers on the right. These shapes are shown in more detail in the specifications below.

For this bike, we recommend the following frame size for you:

Body size:Frame size
150 – 165cm45/48cm
166 – 174cm50/53cm
175 – 187cm55/58cm
188 – 200cm63/67cm

This recommendation is based on numerous test rides with customers in our shop. If you want to make the calculation yourself, just in case, you can find all information on our frame size info page.


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