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Gangurru Esprit Sage

Delivery within 3 work days
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Recommendation Framezise: 145-164cm --> 46cm
165-182cm --> 52cm

Note: The picture is without rack, but the bike is delivered with rack! We add it for Switzerland manually to each bike.

Light city bike in vintage look

The "Esprit" Urban are a more modern interpretation of the popular Gangurru retro bikes. Due to the lower handlebars and the different frame geometry, you have a sportier riding position on the Urban, and thus get to your destination faster and with less leg muscle use - so the Esprit are for everyone who likes the Gangurru style but likes to travel quickly. They are also the brand's lightest bikes, partly because, unlike the Classic & Deluxe, they don't have a front basket, partly because of the lightweight frame and lighter components.

Optional upgrades for even more style and Comfort

If you want, you can also upgrade the bike to a Brooks leather saddle (CHF 80, very durable and adapts to the rider over time), matching Brooks leather grips (CHF 40), and even switch to a hub dynamo (CHF130 including a new dynamo front wheel, dynamo-powered lights and the conversion work).

When you should buy a Gangurru

With 12.2kg bike weight, the Gangurru Deluxe are a bit lighter and make the commute to work is even more pleasant. The Gangurru-standard Shimano 7-speed drive brings you sweat-free (or at least sweat-reduced) up the hill. The light is permanently installed so that nobody can steal it from you easily. In our opinion, the Gangurru bike is still the best value for money in bike Switzerland!

The Gangurru is the right bike for you ...

... if you are a leisurely rider: The dutch bike style means a very upright seating posture; that is very comfy, but not very sporty.

... if you don't have mountains on your commute and don't do distances of more than 15km per way on a daily basis. This would get strenuous because of the posture. The streets in Basel, Winterthur, Berne and Zurich are usually flat enough.

... if you are willing to do a minimum of maintenance for your bike.

... if you are looking for a bike that is checked by experts and pre-assembled.

When you shouldn't buy a Gangurru

The Deluxe still fall into the category of affordable bikes, and those definitely need some care. All bikes need this, but with a affordable bike you really have to do it. This is even more pronounced if you have no way of storing the bike.

We recommend to our customers to invest just 10 minutes per month – that's enough already! In these 10 minutes you pump the tires, clean the pretty color with an old rag, and apply some chain lube.

If you don't want to go this effort, we recommend you to invest more into your next bicycle, because the more expensive material provides a bit more resistance against the weather.

If there are still uncertainties, you can read more about your bicycle purchase in our guide to buying an affordable bike.

Gangurru by Loris Velos

We are very proud of our Gangurrus - and yes, they are ours.

We import the cheap Reid bikes made in the Far East into Switzerland ourselves, and then put Swiss work into assembly and adjustment. This is the only way we can guarantee that the bikes meet Swiss quality standards. We have been gaining experience since 2013 and have improved our bikes year after year, and will continue to do so in the future

We, Loris Velos, are a bike Shop in Münchenstein near Basel. So if you are interested in buying and live in Basel or the surroundings, we warmly invite you to our shop for a test ride. We are a 8 minute trip away by tram from the Basel SBB Train station, or 10min per bike.

Checked in our Workshop

Each and every bike is partially assembled and checked by experts in our bike shop.

Optionally delivery: 100% ride-ready

For 20 Franks upcharge we'll send you your bike fully assembled to your doorstep. You can select this during checkout as shipping option.

Any Questions?

For further assistance we are there for you, please dont' hesitate to get in touch under:

061 338 92 33

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