Achielle bikes, always a love story

It is a factory as idyllic as it is busy in Pittem Belgium. The family manufactury is led by the 3rd generation now and is as special as the history of the company and the bikes inextricably linked with it.

Achielle is one of those brands that has somehow always been around, never made it directly into the mainstream, but always lurked in the periphery of all lovers and experts. With a rich history that began in 1946, Achielle was able to keep the old ways and still does most of the work in the traditional ways today. In the last 70 years the range has expanded, for example for a few years with two e-bike models and a cargo bike, but the style and the desire to produce the best possible bike is still the same.

Hand forged in Belgium

Part of the Achielle appeal is knowing, that the bikes are still handmade in Belgium. And if we say handmade, it is.

The frame tubes are brought on site as long steel tubes that are cut and then welded to the beautiful Achielle bike frames. The frames then continue to be colored before expert-hands assemble your bike according to your wishes.

We at Loris Velos organize the transport from Belgium to Switzerland and assemble the bike for you; and operate as your local Achielle Expert in terms of maintenance and any further questions.

Customize your personal Achielle

The manufacturer web-page holds a small but powerful soft ware toy: the Fietsen Customizer.

With this tool you can put together your own personal Achielle: What is your favorite color? Which type of drive do you want? Do you want mudguards on - or would you rather not have a rack? How do you feel about a leather saddle?

When you have created your dream configuration, you can simply send it to us and we will get the bike for you.

The only catch: The prices given are for collection from the factory in Belgium, for transport to Switzerland you have to add around 10% of transport costs and customs fees. We would be happy to make you an exact offer on request.