Fixie / Singlespeed Bikes from the Spanish Bull

In their web page, PoloAndBike instantly states: "We are not from Poland and we don't play Bike Polo". Well Shit, for years we believed and proudly promoted that David, the founder and man behind the P&B success story, was a former Bike Polo player. He could have told us at some point during our proud 10-year partnership... But personal anecdotes aside:

Polo&Bike Fixie bikes are in great demand in over 22 countries today. As a small manufacturer, P&B focuses on two models, which are awesome for that.

Customizing Fixies by PoloAndBike

Some level of basic customization is included in the sales price (parts in the same price range and no over-complex conversions).

If you're interested in an own design give us a cull under 061 338 92 33 or shoot a message to!


For years, the PoloAndBike Williamsburg has been thoroughly tested in criterium and track races all over the world. The result: The fixie is extremely fast and reliable.

The Williamsburg is also the official bike of the P&B Race Team with which they serve an sophisticated Tast of Dirt to opponents all across Europe.
With the new launch in 2017, the bike's children's deficiencies were finally eliminated and a place in the Fixie Velo Hall-Of-Fame was secured.

A particularly nice touch: the extended seat tube just looks awesome!

CMNDR Series

The next testament to the design skills of David and the dyslexia of Loris Velos (we called this single speed bike CMDR for years :).

Timeless Chromoly 4130 steel frame with shortened geometry for explosive acceleration in city traffic. The bike becomes a fixie when you simply flip the rear wheel - thanks to the flip-flop hub with a drivetrain on both sides.

Carbon fork for extra weight reduction, according to PoloAndBike the fixie comes under 9.5kg !!!! Can we please just take a moment to emphasize again, that a bike under CHF700 and good components can be so light?

Timeless delight from 2013, just for fun: