We are Loris Velos, a colorful bike shop in every aspect!

Unique Bikes for diverse customers

As a diverse group that couldn't be more different we know: In regards to bikes, taste and requirements vary widely.

And so we made it our mission to help each and everyone to find their perfect bike fit: Indenpendent if tight budget, living on top of a hill, having found a new love for race bikes, being in a special life situation, or just searching for the perfect commuter citybike that will accompany you for the rest of your days: You will find your next bike with us!

Bike shop in Basel, Shipment to all of Switzerland

Our heart piece is the Loris Velos bike shop in Münchenstein, close to Basel. Hier we operate, repair, advise, assemble and much more.

But thanks to our web shop you can easily order your bike to every address within Switzerland (and Liechtenstein for that matter). And even better: Thanks to a cooperation with a small forwarder, we can even deliver your bike 100% assembled and ride-ready; independent whether you buy the bike from Basel, Winterthur, Zurich, Geneva or Lugano - you'll have your bike 3 days after payment.

As a bike shop with dispatch you can expect from us more quality than from your generic web wholeseller: Every bike purchased is (pre)assembled and adjusted in our workshop. Everything that even needs the slightest bit of expert knowledge is done by us, so that you can be the most amateurish laymen with two left hands and you'll still be able to safely ride into the sunset.

A Family SME with big Goals

Founded by Roman and Nathalie, today supported by Florian & Eva Aerni. But the whole family stands by whenever necessary!

Supported by diversity

But the whole operation would not be possible without the competent and passionate support of by Nathalie, Patrice, Stefan und Kidane!

A constant Authority in the bike business

Since 2011 we are constantly growing and thus can serve more customers as a heaven for everything concerning bicycles. We enjoy assisting in all types of requests and will stand at the side of every bike enthusiast with joy.
It is our Mission to take everyone like they are; and to bring further dashes of color onto the Swiss streets for that they may lighten up someone's day.
In order to keep the splashes colorful, we offer support with our bikes long-term, be it for maintenance, spare parts, or just knowledge required.

Service and Quality as a promise

In the end of the day it is all about two things:

1. A bike has to deliver. In 10/10 cases when racing down a hill, the bike must work unrestricted. Because of our competence as Mechanics (being a bike shop) and our non-tolerance regarding defects, we can guarantee proper operation to the utmost point humanly possible.

2. A provider has to stand straight for their product. We have many of our bikes in range for many years already, and thus can count on experience and many customer feedbacks. That way we know what the bikes can, communicate that clearly, and step into the breach should the need somehow arise.

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