As a bike shop, advising customers is of course one of the main pillars of our daily business.

It is important to us that we do not "sell a bike" to our customers, but that we convey enough information in the sales process for you to make an informed decision. Efficiently balancing out this knowledge gap is an art in itself, which we believe to have mastered quite well. Accordingly, we would like to welcome you anytime for a detailed purchase advice in our Loris bike shop in Münchenstein near Basel.

Every bike ready for a test ride!

Whenever possible, we recommend test riding a bike before buying it. The frame geometries of every manufacturer differ, so it is always a good idea to test ride a bike that can potentially accompany you for decades. In our opinion, a good feeling when riding the new bike is still crucial in case of doubt - someone can explain to you forever why components the newest and greatest, if it ain't feeling good, it ain't feeling good.

And so we are making every effort that you always have the opportunity in the shop to test-ride all the bikes that are physically available. Appointments ensure the availability of the desired bikes, a consultation usually takes between 15 and 60 minutes (all non-binding and free of charge).

Purchasing the right Bike

Sometimes we too wish to go back to the times of 1960, when there were perhaps two types of bikes. Today there is a special bike for every application with special properties , if you are not from inside the industry, it is not easy to keep the overview here.

We can help you here. The right choice of your bike depends not only on the right frame size but also on the area of application. Another important factor is your personal riding style. In the consultation we try to identify these points with you so that you leave us with the right bike - or the idea of what to look for.

A bike for Basel - or for the forest?

A crucial insight when buying a bike is that different bike parts and configurations are not simply "better" or "worse", but often simply "different".

The gearing on a mountain bike has to be able to withstand heavy bumps, while the sole focus on a racing bike is efficiency. And so,  there are many, very many different options todayto optimize a bike as well as possible for your planned use.

On the other hand, we also emphasize that you should never forget because of the sheer optimization frenzy, that one simply has to like the bike. A bike has to be fun and you should only buy it only if you fall a bit in love with the two-wheeler - because the partnership should last for a while.

As an anecdote that proves this: Almost everyone of the crazies with riding bikes around the world on or something, do that with grandfather's old bike. First of all, it depends on the emotional relationship with the bike, only then do we have to talk about the 30g saved on the stem!