Bike repair service for Münchenstein, Basel & the region

As a bike shop and bike lovers, we see it as our job not only to sell good bicycles, but also to make an active contribution to ensuring that bikes of all kinds are preserved for a long time and are keep on being a source of joy. That is why we carry out repairs of all brands of bicycles (if cooperative) and at reasonable prices.

Regular maintenance helps your bike

Bikes and e-bikes will thank you with a massively longer lifespan if you give them regular maintenance. On how often the bike has to be serviced, you can use common sense; You can roughly subdivide it into the following categories:

  • I do intense sport with my bike or live at the top of the hill (brakes!): Service recommended twice a year.
  • I use the bike every day: Annual service recommended.
  • I am a good weather rider and my bike is inside: Service recommended every 2-3 years.

Note : Service intervals can be extended through your own maintenance. Regular cleaning and application of chain oil (which is available in every Migros) from time to time already helps immensely.

Bring your bike for repair

We are always grateful if you make an appointment in advance, because that way we can both plan and you have to do without your bike as little as possible. Preferably by phone (061 338 92 33) or by email ( In emergencies you are of course always welcome in the shop.

Upon request (and subject to availability) we will provide a replacement bike for the duration of the repair. This service is free up to 2 days after completion of the repair.

An service or repair with an appointment usually takes one day. You can bring the bike the evening before or in the morning and you will automatically receive an SMS once it is completed. Outside of our opening hours, you can simply lock your bike in front of the store and deposit the key in our mailbox.

By the way, we pick up and deliver too. You can now even book your pick up directly via our Android app.


For each repair, an individual cost estimate will be made upon acceptance and an additional cost ceiling will be agreed with you . If further defects or need for action come to light during the repair, which exceed the cost ceiling, we will call you in any case and ask you for approval. But this also means that, if you are not available, it can delay the process accordingly.

The costs are always based on effort. With a rate of CHF 100 per mechanic hour, we are one of the cheaper bike shops in the region. Experience has shown that this approach results in the following costs (note: non-binding list, unfortunatly only in German):

Tabelle Reparatur Tarife Loris Velos


Unfortunately, not all repairs are possible for all bike brands. The problem is not our willingness, but the unwillingness to provide spare parts or information from some annoying bike brands. Experience has shown that for DIY bikes and exotic brands that are sold online, the spare parts are brand-specific and not available on the open market; let alone from the providers directly. Our hands are tied here. In order to be able to carry out a professional repair, original parts or parts that are known and compatible in the industry are often essential.

In the electric bike sector, we are set up for repairs of Bosch, Shimano and Impulse motors and have a connection to these manufacturers. Flyer and Stromer are unfortunately again two negative examples where you can't get parts.

Basically: We can do everything that has to do with bike knowledge and requires standard material. If manufacturers want to reinvent the wheel for price reasons or run protectionist regimes, we are powerless too.