To be honest, sometimes we want to go back to the 1960s when there were maybe two types of bikes. Today there is a special bike with special properties for every application. This is obviously spoken jokingly, but it is easy to lose sight of what exists and what might be interesting for your personal use. We here try to help you with this.

When it comes to city bikes, the focus is normally on functionality and comfort. City bikes should reliably carry you from A to B for years without having to waste a lot of thought. Since everyones' A and B are different, there are many different compositions.

Our two main brands Gudereit and Tour de Suisse offer an unbelievable variety of frame shapes and technology, so that you are sure to find your bike. While with Gudereit you will find a bike "Made in Germany" with an excellent price-performance ratio, the Tour de Suisse made in Switzerland trumps with unmatched quality and the option of choosing your own color from the RAL catalog in addition to two dozen catalog colors. It would then be a coincidence if someone else had chosen the same color for their bike.

Should I buy an electric bike? Admittedly, this is a difficult decision for many.

We are of the following opinion: Sometimes it just makes sense. Especially on long commutes, steep inclines, or physical disabilities - and 100% more sensical than driving to work by car. But where it is not absolutely necessary, a normal bike is still more fun.

Fast or slow?

In addition to the fact, that a helmet must on fast e-bikes (which should actually always be the case per se), the difference is mainly in the awareness, the price and the customization options. 45kmh e-bikes require a road registration, a yellow number and at least one moped driver's license ("M", is included in the normal driver's license too). Minimum age is 14 years. The road approval makes the procurement process more expensive and makes most individual modifications to the bike impossible, since it has to be used as approved by the Federal Office. A fast e-bike also includes conscious handling of the vehicle. Braking distances are significantly longer (3x at 45kmh), accidents more dangerous. The situation is similar when the bike wears out. Reason not to buy a fast one? No. I don't have to be on the move at top speed all the time, I can also move around relaxed in the comfort range of 25-30kmh. For many, the lack of support after 25kmh is an abrupt breakdown among the slow. However, the 25s offer the advantage of being out and about with a normal bike and are cheaper in terms of purchase and maintenance costs. Rule of thumb: urban, short and medium-haul routes tend to be slow (the 30 zone also applies to bikes !!!), overland routes tend to be fast ... We do not recommend an e-bike for older citizens who have no experience with normal bikes.

Retro bikes are basically intended for short and medium-distance use, primarily because of their weight and riding posture. Above all, they should be comfortable and enjoyable. Often "retro bike" is colloquial for "Dutch bike" in the women's bike sector, the specific type of bike on which you sit bolt upright on the saddle. With our Gangurrus we have a bike in the affordable area, which thanks to our concept can also provide long-term service despite the low price.

The Belgian brand "Achielle" guarantees a retro bike from European production and high quality workmanship. As with the Gangurrus, a variety of frame colors is possible. So we offer you either “simple and comfortable” or “high end” in the retro area.

Bicycles with only one gear. The bike is called "fixie" if a rigid cog is mounted (rear wheel is fixed to the crank); if a freewheel cog is mounted, it is called singlespeed. The charm of a fixie is that it doesn't have anything that could break - and that makes it incredibly lightweight too.

Try a fixie in our bike shop in Münchenstein, you will be surprised to find that the aisles are overrated. There is no Bike type in which you can have so much individual freedom in assembling your bike. Our models all have a very good quality standard, so you don't have to worry as with the cheap models that are offered online.

We do not recommend fixies if you live at the top of a mountain, but there is nothing better for everyday city use.

The idea behind gravel bikes is to have a racing bike for rough terrain. Fast, but stable and shock-reducing. It frees you from speeding on roads only, with gravel bikes you can also easily ride through the forest.

Gravel can make dreams come true, because Roman's dream has always been to ride with a «racing bike» through the forest along the Rhine between Möhlin and Wallbach.

Tour de Suisse has had an almost perfect gravel bike in its range since 2020. Two Loris Velos team members have already switched to this bike. As always with Tour de Suisse, the Gravel offers "customized components" (configurator) and many color variants.

With the X-Plore, Gudereit also offers an attractive solution for a slightly smaller budget (picture).

Uuhm, yes, bikes for the mountain.

It is important to understand here that different performance levels require different investments. If you want to be on the road with the Mtb in everyday life, you can go for an affordable solution. Even beginners who would like to get some insight into the off-road world can get away with a few hundred francs. But if you really do sport regularly through the forest, you should look with a budget of at least CHF 1500.