Customizing: "Adaptation of the offer to the special wishes of the customers" (Duden, 2021).

Individuality, a great strength of Loris Velos.

We are a mixed bag of people at Loris Velos, and we are proud of it. For example nobody rides a bike like it originally left the factory. Partly because of physical complaints, partly because certain bikes are being used for other purposes than intended, and sometimes simply because of style. Today we have created a large range of customizing components and a much larger network of suppliers, so that we can meet almost all cycling wishes.

On this page we present the various motivations and possibilities for how you exhibit can make YOUR bike on a bike.

Customize your bike for riding comfort

As mentioned in the area Purchasing advice, in addition to the correct frame size, the handlebar shape, the stem length and the saddle are important factors for the feel-good factor of your new bike. For all bikes, including e bikes up to 25kmh, adapting these components to your needs is a normal process when buying a bike in our bike shop.

Costs are only charged if the new components are more expensive than the original ones Parts. If the adapted Velo components are cheaper, you will even get a discount.

Labor costs will be charged if substantial changes to the basic version would be necessary. For example, if the brake and shift cables have to be lengthened or shortened due to a handlebar change. Small jobs (exchange of handles, saddle, etc.) are waived as a gesture of good faith.

Customizing fixies / singlespeed bikes

Shortly after the company was founded, we made a name for ourselves with fixies and singlespeed bikes. The sale of these bikes is based on a concept of individual design. On the one hand we have frames with which you can create your own bike from scratch, on the other hand you may take ready-made fixies and play around with the design

Here, too, you pay only the difference for parts that are either not available in the basic model or are from a higher price category. Buying a single-speed bike is often comparable to a mini-project with the following process:

1. Visit: rough definition of the design and the equipment

2. Visit: Assessment of the agreed option and, if everything is correct, purchase. Or otherwise making changes and

3rd visit: Final test drive and purchase

With this process we make sure that you really can purchase your dream bike. And so you don't have to worry: you really only buy the bike when everything is right - everything before that point is non-binding. For a project like this, it is best to make an appointment with us so that we can plan the necessary time with you without stress or interruptions.

Customizing of geared bikes

In the wake of the success with the fixies, we suddenly had more and more inquiries for bikes with gearing to go through the customizing process. Through our partner supplier, Csepel, we have access to elegant steel frames in different colors, but we can procure many, many colorful frames from all manufacturers for you (Cinelli, BLB, State Bicycle, ...). The bikes put together in this way start with a basic price of around CHF 850 (Csepel).

A great result of such an individual combination is our bamboo bike with an 8-speed Nexus gear hub. A customizing project not only makes us happy, it always ends in a very special bike, which corresponds to your individual wishes and thus gives you even more pleasure.

Custom-made sport bikes

Although we have a wealth of experience with customizing, our customers mainly use the bikes in the leisure sector. The individual design of a sports bike for top-class sport requires further technical clarification. Our bike shop is not equipped for these special processes, which are used in professional sports. We would be happy to recommend a specialist on request.

Our moto: What we do, we do right!