On this page you will find frequently asked questions about buying a bike, Loris Velos and all sorts of things.

You can reach us during our Opening Hours via phone, please let it ring for a while because it sometimes takes a minute to get from the workshop to the phone.

You can also shoot us an email or fill out the  Contact Form.

According to the textbook, the saddle is correctly adjusted when you sit on the saddle - the pedal in the lowest position - and your leg is straight but not overstretched. Hyperextension can affect the joint, please avoid this.

This rule comes from an efficiency standpoint, i.e. safety is still the priority on a comfortable city bike - so if you feel safer with the saddle 3cm lower, nobody is angry with you.

If you want to be a nerd for the saddle height, you can use the Hügi formula to determine the correct setting to the millimeter. Here you measure your stride length and multiply it by a factor of 0.885. Video how this is done exactly:

On the bike itself you can usually find the frame number at the bottom of the bottom bracket (the "connection" between the two pedals). In order to read this more easily, you can turn the bike upside down or a friend can hold it on the rear wheel for you (hold the right brake lever for it to stay stationary).

For all bikes bought from us, you will find your frame number on the delivery note enclosed with the delivery. There is no frame number on the invoice that is generated in the shop, because we can only read it off during assembly (which is done after ordering).

In individual cases, especially for e-bikes with a mid-engine (no frame material where the frame number is otherwise), the frame number is right at the front of the bike. You can find the number on the frame directly above the fork, so to speak directly behind the front light.

We have seen a frame number elsewhere, so if you can't find what you are looking for, just keep looking - every bike has its frame number.

Is written on your individual Tire!

Every commercially available tire has an impression of the minimum and maximum pressure recommended for operation. The information is mostly in cash, PSI and KPA. In Europe, bar is mostly used, American products are often only indicated with PSI.

This is a converter, in case your pump only has one of the measurements

If you do not find the information on the tire, you can say as a general formula: city bikes: approx. 4.5 bar, racing bikes: approx. 7 bar, mountain bikes: approx. 3.5 bar, fat bikes: approx. 1.5-2.1bar

Of course we are always grateful for a few nice words as feedback.

In times of the Internet, it also helps us massively if you leave a review on the purchased product – and if you still have the time and inclination, maybe leave one on Google too:


Goods are only sent after receipt of payment, then very quickly.

Bikes in stock are usually sent the day after receipt of payment and delivered by the carrier on the next working day.

You can read the detailed version on our Shippment & Returns site.

Collection from the store in Münchenstein is always free of charge, and when buying a bike, the partially assembled delivery option (approx. 70% assembled) is free of charge too.

Surcharge for shipping a fully assembled bike is CHF20.

Parcel shipping for parts and accessories is CHF9 (A-Post).

You can read the detailed version on our Shippment & Returns site. We do not ship internationally.

Document the defect in writing, preferably with photos or videos. Submit your application to info@lorisvelos.ch, we usually reply within one working day.

In principle, the bring-in rule applies (guarantee-location Münchenstein), but we are flexible enough to support local solutions. In other words, if, for example, you have a small transport damage that is fixed in the bike shop for CHF20, we don't force you to come to Basel - we send you to a bike shop near you and pay the amount that we would charge a customer for this repair. This formulation is so specific because in the past we have dealt with stores that wanted to take advantage of the situation. You will of course be informed of the budget in advance!

For major problems outside of the region, we have already fetched the bike back at our expense - repaired it - and brought it back. It is decided on a case-by-case basis what makes sense.

In any case, you must first report the warranty case before you can resolve it yourself. No costs will be assumed for repairs without former approval.

Bicycles and goods that are still in an unopened, unused or 100% new condition can generally be returned within 30 days. Usually it is easiest if you give us a brief call or just write a brief email..

The return shipping costs must be borne by you, but we can organize a pick-up or send you a label.

You can read the detailed version on our Shippment & Returns site.