We are very proud of our Gangurrus - and yes, they are ours.

At Loris Velos, we import the Reid bikes made in the Far East into Switzerland ourselves, and then put Swiss work into the assembly. This is the only way we can guarantee that the bikes meet Swiss quality standards. Since 2013 we have gained experience, the upper floor of inexpensive retro bikes in Switzerland - and improved the bikes year after year - and will stay on the ball in the future.

Our Gangurru bikes are particularly important to us. Because they are the epitome of our store philosophy: a colorful bike with a lot of style, which can bring joy into your life even on a limited budget.

Stylish, affordable, solid

Thanks to numerous field reports and self-made experiences from customers, family members and friends, we know what the Gangurru bikes can do. And that's a lot. But is the Gangurru something for you too?

In the shop we always tell our customers the following: There are two points that you need to be aware of when buying a gangurrus:

1. They are city bikes, designed for short and medium distances. That doesn't mean that the bikes can't withstand longer tours - on the contrary. The fact is that the very upright riding posture with this Dutch bike style is super comfortable - but the opposite of sporty. The sitting position creates air resistance and causes you to use your leg muscles more when pedaling. In short: if you like to ride comfortably and don't have to go up the Gotthard, you're in the green.

2. Bikes in this price range need some care: 10 minutes a month, not a second more - but disciplined! During this time you pumped your bike, briefly covered the beautiful colored frames with a rag, and briefly applied some chain lube. That is enough - but if you are not ready to carry out this minimal maintenance, you should invest a little more in a bike with gear hub.

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Take us with you on you adventures, tag us with @lorisvelos. We are always very happy to see a happy bike in its natural habitat - treated well and receiving the action it deserves.