The Loris bike shop in Münchenstein

Welcome to our world, the colorful bike shop in Switzerland! Here we switch and control, assemble, check and repair everything that has 2 (to 3) wheels. We are happy to welcome you at any time for a consultation, a test drive, or simply for professional information about your bike.

On the surface, the shop may seem like a run-of-the-mill bike retailer, but there is still something to discover: More than 10 years have now optimized our range for price-performance, with the aim of bringing color to Swiss streets. The result is a unique collection of colorful bikes, from cheap (Gangurru) to premium bikes Made in Switzerland (Tour de Suisse).

Since the 360° recording, we have renovated our bike shop!

A bike shop - just with online shipping

Not your usual online bike seller - better!

If you just want the cheapest and the best the day before yesterday, then you are at the wrong place. We are not just any electronics retailer who also has a few bicycles in our range and is completely overwhelmed when you have a question about it. We are a bike shop. We are a specialist dealer who also sells their bikes online.

We follow clear principles:

1. EVERY bike is checked, adjusted and preassembled at least as far as possible in our workshop so that an untalented layman can easily assemble it at home. That means we check and adjust the gears, 8s, wheel bearings, brakes, and everything that needs some specialist knowledge..
2. Advice despite buying on the web: You will always receive instructions for every bike from us that show you how to professionally assemble and maintain the bike. This is not an English factory manual, but an in-house creation supported with pictures (or video). And should you still have any questions, you can contact us at any time.
3. 100% fully assembled and ride-ready bikes throughout Switzerland. Thanks to a unique collaboration with the small forwarder Tomy Transporte, we can also send our bikes ready for road use. For a mere CHF20, this is, as far as we know, unique in Switzerland. All you have to do is remove the protective cardboard at home, adjust the saddle height to suit you, and cycle into the sunset.

Our web shop, our online offer, is aimed at ensuring that everyone can order bicycles online without any worries. We fully support our products, not least because we can use our preventive measures to ensure that even the cheaper bikes arrive at you fully functional and without defects. And if something does not fit despite all the measures, we are accommodating with returns.

A complete listing of our service can be found at "ABOUT US / SERVICES"