On this page you can find a brief overview of the Loris Velo range. This page is structured by bike type and brand, if you want to read more about the individual brands, you can simply click on the logo.
Of course we also carry many components, add-on components and accessories; You can read more about this under the given products.


Vintage Bikes

MTB, Road & others

City Bikes

Tour de Suisse

The Swiss quality brand with headquarters and production in Kreuzlingen fits in perfectly with us:  flexible customizing, lots of bright colors and top service. Tour de Suisse stands for lifelong performance and quality, whether in the area of e-bikes or city and touring bikes. All Tour de Suisse bikes are painted and assembled in Kreuzlingen.

Through the TdS configurator customers can assemble their own E-Bikes and Bikes, and order it easily via us by submitting their personal configuration ID.

The Swiss production has another advantage, namely TdS allows you to choose any color from the RAL spectrum for an additional charge of CHF 200 - that's over 200 different colors! A great offer!


In the area of city bikes and e-bikes, we trust our house-brand Gudereit completely. The tradition-rich German manufacturer has been successfully producing bicycles for over 60 years and is still firmly in the hands of the founding family. With pride and competence, Gudereit ensures quality year after year and moves with the times in terms of design.

We have had Gudereit in our range for many years and have very, very many satisfied customers. The German manufacturer simply delivers a price-performance ratio that we rarely see in Switzerland.
Due to the newly won attention of the latest model series, Gudereit has recently had slightly longer delivery times - so all the more reason to secure an available bike for you right now!


We have a number of Kalkhoff e-bikes in our range since 2018, but the brand is ancient:

100 years of Kalkhoff means 100 years of bicycle tradition. It is this combination of traditional values and modern technologies that is reflected not only in the quality standards, but also in the unique design of the Kalkhoff bikes: clear lines, integration at the highest level as well as puristic and stylish colors with a Nordic character - tradition, modern and innovative interpreted.

Since 2020 (C ..) replenishment has been very difficult to get, so jump on what is still in stock as soon as possible:

Vintage Bikes (Retro)


The pretty city bikes from Australia. Equipped with a Shimano 7-speed gearing, this beauty offers one of the best, if not the best value for money in Bike-Switzerland.

The bikes are actually by the manufacturer Reid Bikes, but we are refining every bike with Swiss work and additional components. To emphasize this, we have re-branded the Ladies Vintage Classic 7-Speed Velos "Gangurru".

Gangurru Retrovelos vor einem Schuppen


High-quality Dutch bikes from Belgium - hand-forged with a lot of love. The bike-enthusiasts in the almost romantic family manufactory have been passionately building unique retro bikes of fantastic quality for 70 years.

In the meantime even produces E-Bikes, well visible on the picture above!


CRIT by Loris Velos

Our own design, our whole pride. Four lively fixies, quickly transformed into a single speed with a flip-flop hub, and a city-cross commuter with Gates belt-drive.

High quality components, cool designs and attractive prices.

State Bicycle Co.

In 2009, 3 Fixiefreaks founded State Bicycle Co. in Arizona USA. Since then there has only been one direction for the company - steeply upwards. With a timeless steel frame and good components, the State Fixies lie very quietly on the street and let's be honest, what the 3 Americans have achieved visually is otherwise two price classes higher. Or with the CRITS ;–).

Of course we also have the popular 6061 Black Label Bikes in our range. These premium fixies at the price point of a mid-range bike are simply impressive. Americans ...


David is a bike polo player from Gijon, Spain. A few years ago he had the idea of opening a bicycle company and after a short detour into the cheap segment, he is now really raising the dust. Not only does the P&B Criterum race team make their opponents eat dust, the beautiful steel bikes with carbon forks are also in great demand and are spreading a lot of fast-paced riding fun worldwide.

Polo&Bike has gotten into financial difficulties due to the bankruptcy of a manufacturing factory in recent years, we hope the brand makes it!

MTB, Road Bikes & others

REID Bikes

Reid Bikes international, sister company of Reid Cycles Australia, is a particular godsend for Loris Velos.

Since we sell a relatively large number of Gangurrus (Reid's flagship) we can add other models from the large REID range piece by piece and thus offer a unique price-performance ratio. Today we sell Road Bikes, Mountaint Bikes, Fatbikes, a sprinkle of fixed-gear vintage bike and a top-seller City Bike by Reid.


The Hungarian manufacturer Csepel has been making bicycles and bike components since 1928. The motto is high quality & payable through and through.

We also purchase frames from Cseel that we use for custom builds (such as in the picture below).