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The bike value kings from Australia

Founded by James Reid in Melbourne Australia in 2009, Reid Bikes has developed in just over 10 years into an internationally successful mega-brand with distributions in over 20 countries. The reason Reid is so successful, is the concept of eliminating all unnecessary intermediates between factory and customer. This enables the Australians to keep prices low and to put the additional resources into design and innovation.

From vintage bikes to an all-rounder

Reid achieved the big breakthrough with a vintage bike with the resounding name "Ladies Vintage Classic 7-Speed", renamed "Gangurru" in Switzerland.

We at Loris Velos started our partnership with Reid about this bike back in 2013, as the first international distributor of Reid Bikes, and since then have constantly expanded our Reid bike range.
We really appreciate the fact that Reid is still honoring this partnership despite its rapid growth, and is also willing to listen to the demanding needs of the Swiss cycling industry. For example, we have already been able to produce a Special Swiss Edition based on the "Ladies Vintage alloy Lite", the Gangurru Deluxe.

A new Tree for every Bike sold

With the "Reid Environmental Pledge", Reid Bikes International promises to have a tree planted for every bike sold. Whole forests must have materialized over the years through this initiative.

The reforestation takes place in cooperation with the Eden Project. Find find out more about it can do so on the official Reid-Page:



City Bikes & Fixes

One of Loris Velos' top sellers is the Reid Urban X2 Commuter Bike. The 27-speed bike with disc brakes for less than CHF700 is incredibly fast and has been providing many of our customers with reliable service for years. The city-cross style without mudguards is certainly not for everyone, but the bike is light, agile and very speedy.

Those who see themselves more as the leisurely rider will get a taste for the Reid Wayfarer. The beautiful vintage-styled Fixie takes you back to the 20s, but brings the most modern technology with it. Half-link chain, chromed wheel mounts, comfort saddle.

Reid Mountainbikes

From the Reid Mountainbike Velo range we currently offer the Reid Xenon 29 "(the blue one in the picture) and the MTB Pro 27.5".

The Xenon are equipped with a 27-speed Shimano Altus gearshift and are the perfect MTB for everyone who wants to get a taste for biking.

The MTB Pro are a little cheaper and, accordingly, a little simpler, meaning the bikes are primarily designed for road use but allow the occasional detour into terrain.

For ambitious performers, we recommend going more towards Tour de Suisse, but as an everyday and leisure bike, you won't find a better deal than the Reid mountain bikes!

Reid Road Bikes

Of the Reid Road Bikes, we have the Osprey and the Express Road. Both bikes have a simple look so that you can fully focus on cycling.

The Osprey comes with a Shimano Claris 16-speed gearshift, controlled by the integrated shift and brake levers common on racing bikes. The aerodynamic aluminum frame is supplemented with a light carbon fork and results in a real lightweight. The perfect bike for everyone who has long been flirting with a decent racing bike, but currently doesn't have the wallet for a 3000 francs carbon machine.

The Express (picture) also have the shift / brake levers, but come with a Shimano Tourney 14-speed gearshift and steel frame / fork. The usual great value for money, but designed for everyday use or leisurely excursions.

Reid Fatbike

The big boys for fans of rubber and strong personalities!

Yes, it is noticeable, the hum of the 4 inch fat bike tires on an asphalt, and that makes it really hot. Roman always says Fat Bikes were invented for mud, sand, snow, and to show off - Flo doesn't agree with that order.

If not sold out again, the Reid Hercules (27-speed) and the Reid ALPHA (7-speed, currently sold out) can be bought in Switzerland. Both manual bikes – electric assistance is for beginners!