Even tough we finance ourselves mainly through bike sales (like every bike shop), we see ourselves entirely as a service company. This perspective is important to us, and here's why:

We generate added value for our customers through our services. A bike arrives at every store in the same condition from the factory, the difference is what you do with it and how you communicate with customers in order to make good bike decisions.

Creating bike knowledge

As a normal citizen, you usually don't know much about bicycles. As a specialist company, it is our responsibility in the short duration of an exchange with a customer to convey the necessary specialist knowledge in an understandable way, so that you can make an uninfluenced decision. This is our aspiration and just as true for buying a bike as it is for deciding whether a repair is still worthwhile. We are always honest and direct, and also understand when someone wants to concede responsibility to us. We see ourselves as a means for our customers to make good bike decisions. In order to implement this to the best of our abilities, we have built up our service catalog over the years.

Purchase advice and test drives

Buying a bike is a long-term consideration: if properly selected and properly maintained, it will be with you for decades. When buying a bike, there are many things that can be important and many that are completely irrelevant. We are happy to help you to get an overview over the flood of data and to gain an understanding and feeling for what is important.

Of course, a test drive is also recommended whenever possible.

You can find more information about our advisory process here.

Service, Maintenance and Repairs

The workshop is the beating heart of every bike shop. Here we do repairs and servicing of all brands (unless the manufacturers have some stupid hyper-restrictive customer service guidelines..). We try to fix flat tires on short notice, "normal" repairs usually within 1-4 working days, major revisions within 1-2 weeks.

Costs are always depending on effort (exception flat rate for flat tires) a "normal" service is about 70-90 Franks plus material cost. Repairs are only executed upon consent of the customer. A brief phone call to pre-book the repair appointment is always appreciated!

You can find more exact infos about our repair offering and prices here.

It often happens, that when you get a bike from the factory, you are not entirely comfy with something. If you buy your bike from us, we will help you to isolate the culprit and, if necessary, to make adjustments or change components. Basically, the following rule applies here: price of new material - price of original material = surcharge -> In other words, if equivalent material is used and the conversion effort remains in proportion, we do not charge a surcharge on a bike purchase.

As a unique skill, we have also specialized in "custom designs", i.e. building bikes from scratch according to your ideas. This enables you to create a bike exactly according to your ideas, both in terms of color and technology.

Read more about Customizing and custom builds here.

Pick-up & Drop-off

Unique in the region, we offer our customers the service, that we pick up bicycles at your home and bring them back once fixed. This service is not free but very affordable - and if you buy a bike from us for CHF750 or more, you even vouchers for this service.

Pick-ups can be arranged now over our Loris Pickup App available exclusively in the Google Play Store.

You can find all Information about Pick-Up and drop-off, and vouchers, here.

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