Bad-Ass Fixie Bikes based in Arizona USA

American mega-brand with a lot of marketing power. State Bicycle Co. is not only known for their reliable fixie bikes, but also for the crazy collaborations and special editions. Over the years, State has released models inspired by the Simpsons, Pink Floyd, NASA, and Froot Loops. And State does something, they do it right: These campaigns always come with a whole clothing and bag collection.

We at Loris Velos added the Core Line 4130 and 6061 Black Label Singlespeed to our range in 2016 and have been fans ever since. Thanks to the central warehouse for dealers in London, we also have access to the entire State Bicycle Fixie and Singlespeed range given not everything is not sold out again like it was the whole 2020.

Customizing with State Bicycle Fixies

Some level of basic customization is included in the sales price (parts in the same price range and no over-complex conversions).

If you're interested in an own design give us a cull under 061 338 92 33 or shoot a message to!

State Bicycle 4130 Core Line

The fixie for your everyday life. Solid steel frame with sporty geometry and your choice of drop bars, riser or bull horns.

At about 10.5kg not the lightest of all singlespeed, but it lies smoothly on the road and is extremely durable and low-maintenance. Many of the components on the Core Line are from the State Bicycle Design house and accordingly the designs are nicely rounded. Flip-flop hub for easy change from fixie (fixed-gear) to single speed (free wheel), just flip the wheel.

The Core line is so good, that we even took some inspiration for our own Brand CRIT from them.

6061 Black Label by State Bicycle

With the light aluminum frame you are the fastest on the road and track.

The Black Labels keep whirling dust (figuratively) because few manufacturers are able to produce a premium fixie at this price. As a well-known player in the USA, the Black Label are also regularly rated by critics - and the reviews are good across the board.

The geometry of the Black Label is slightly shorter than that of the Core Line, designed for a more aggressive riding style in the city. The almost 9kg bike weight is also top class.

State Bicycle Undefeated

A fixie so good it makes you angry when you see it for real. How can that thing be so light? arrgggh !!!

It weighs just under 7kg, resulting in the fact that you only have to pedal once and you're in Bern, no matter where you start. State Bicylce's flagship fixie, also usable with a flip-flop hub as a singlespeed, but please either free-wheel or fixed-wheel for weight reasons - it would be a waste.