The Loris Family

Loris Velos was not planned to be a family SME, but with the natural growth ever more helping hands were needed and there the Aerni Family was pitching in. The co-founder Nathalie Morin further remains in the organization, and in addition there are three additional co-workers frequenting both work shop and administration; all of which we do tend to like to see as extended Family - with arguments and all.

The Loris Velos employees reflect the company-philosophy: A colorful bunch of unique people with unique experiences, coming together to spread joy and fascination about bicycles of all kinds; and to make the Swiss streets a bit more colorful: from a physical standpoint as well as from a meta-physical one.

On this page we briefly introduce all members of the Loris Family:

Roman Aerni

Heart and soul of Loris Velos. Founder, Work-a-holic; repairs, organizes, advises, orders, delivers, and supports the whole day. Not too long ago, in a not all too foreign country (Switzerland :), Roman graduated a apprenticeship as electrician. His job journey should eventually take him in another direction: for an extended time working as a manager for the former electric-appliances-giant Sanyo, starting 2011 Roman is putting all his lifeblood and bulletproof business sense towards leading Loris Velos.

Nathalie Morin

Co-founder of Loris Velos, Fixie-Fan, Bike fanatic. Nathalie is a sports person through and through. If she can be found away from the saddle every once in a while, she sits in a Kajak or runs through a forest. And of course, her son and full pride at her heels.

Nathalie currently works 80% and is our designated Tour de Suisse Expert, helps in administratives matters and organizes the whole pick-up and delivery business.

Florian Aerni

Junior-Boss, Junior-Mechanic, Senior-Know-it-all. After a concluded apprenticeship in a travel agency, Flo found his way 2014 into the family business. Meanwhile Flo is also a certified Business Information Technology graduate: because being self-employed wasn't challenging enough (0.o), he completed this FH studies part-time and now is in charge over the whole Loris Velos IT (and writing this lines). Currently working 50%, but of course always bringing 130% percent performance. *cough*. At least. 8-)

Patrice Werner

Bicycle encyclopedia on two legs. Bike mechanic with a master's status and remarkable 40 years of experience. Can repair everything with 2 (-3) wheels, did probably repair already everything. Was self-employed for a long time and also repaired motorcycles there, before he decided to join Loris in 2012. So Patrice was there since the beginning, self-proclaimed "Velo-Mac-Guyver".

Stefan Dietschi

Accountant, Hase bike rider, coffee lover. Not in that order. Steffi has joined the bike-train 2017, and as a lateral entrant (used to be in nursing), he is increasingly fitting into the role of a bookkeeper. Steffi brings a good vibe and a touch of Italian joie de vivre to the store; even if this only comes to him by rubbing off his partner and his two sons; or maybe it's just the scent of the ever-going espresso.

Eva Aerni

Sister of Roman, has agreed to help out on Saturdays and when the roof is threatening to blow up (is that a saying?). Since then a gigantic help in sales and support for the administration. Still learning when it comes to bikes, but definitely teaching when it comes to counseling. With her experience and great care, Eva brings some order into the chaos, even if this often means fighting an uphill battle for her.

Kidane Zemikiel

As an assistant in the workshop, Kidane mainly assembles Gangurrus. Kidane speaks three languages fluently, but one of his main goals with Loris is adding German as a fourth. Learns how to fix bikes and can count on the support and attentive eyes of Patrice, Roman and Flo. His 50% workload, always in the morning, is perfectly fitted with the shipping distribution.

Leoni Dietrich

A bit camera-shy, lady behind the camera. Everything that looks good on this website is handled by Leoni, the rest is Flo's doing. Leoni is a graphic designer and 3D animator with her own company (#Ad Piece of Cake Animation), but occasionally helps out at Loris Velos. Has ensured a strong social media presence in 2021, surpasses every year in the design of the Christmas card. Among other things, he designed the CRIT Fixie logo.