Tour de Suisse Bike - Swiss Quality since 1934

No other brand offers as much individuality as this manufacturer from the very East of Swizerland, and that suits you perfectly - and Loris Velos!

Tour de Suisse stands for Swiss quality because the bikes are painted and assembled in Kreuzlingen on Lake Constance. If a product is made in Switzerland, you just can tell by the high quality, the clean workmanship and the good service from the factory. There is probably no other manufacturer in Switzerland that offers that much flexibility and choice in the composition of the bikes.

A bike or e-bike as unique as you

If you choose a Tour de Suisse bike, you don't just order "a" bike. With the online configurator, Tds has created a tool with which you can easily assemble your perfect bike from the countless variants.
In the configurator you can select your preferred drive (from Shimano Deore sprocket drives to Rohloff hub gears to Gates gearbox transmissions), choose between various comfort parts (grips, saddle, pedals, handlebars), or with e-bikes, depending on the model, determine your motor and your display yourself.

We are happy to help you find your dream configuration in a friendly and competent conversation our store.

Colorful Bikes in the Colorful Bike Shop

TdS Bikes and E-Bikes offer further added value on the individuality front:

First of all, you can choose between two standard colors for each model free of charge. You can also choose the decor color free of charge, i.e. the color of the Tour de Suisse lettering and logo on the frame - you even have six options here.

Further, you have the option of choosing one of 35 colors at Velo for a surcharge of CHF95. In the Loris Bike Shop we have the TdS color tree with paint sample-tubes in all colors to look at and touch.

For unique Bikes

But that's not all: for a measly surcharge of CHF 200 you can choose any RAL color. That means over 200 colors with which you can make a Tour de Suisse bike your own - and still choose the decor color.

It is this individuality that we particularly appreciate at the people of Kreuzlingen, which is simply a top offer.

Sustainable Production

The TdS building in Kreuzlingen has had a photovoltaic system on the roof for a long time, allowing to cover almost all of the electricity required for production.

Additional adaptation to renewable energy from bio-gas and a change in processes in 2021 have enabled the Thurgauer brand to run the Swiss production line almost CO2-neutral. Of course, there is still a bit of green washing involved, given the fact that many of the components are imported and the frames are forged abroad and have to be transported to Switzerland.

Nevertheless, we acknowledge that Tour de Suisse is doing everything in their power to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible. And as an environmentally friendly means of transport, bicycles will help save a lot of CO2 over their long lifespan.