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Free first service (Bring-in!)

Delivery within 3 work days
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A first service for every bike from CHF 750.–

At you get a first service worth CHF80 for every bike above this amount. The service can be redeemed within 3 months of the date of purchase in the Loris bike shop in Münchenstein.

What is a first service?

Contrary to popular belief, a first service is not simply the first service of the bike if it is due in a few years. A firts service, called "bicycle inspection" in High German, is there to get a new bike ready for operation. The origin of this is that every new bike that is put into operation as a mechanical part still "works in" a little. For example, the shift cables stretch a little, the spokes click into place, and so on. That gives small 8s and the circuit no longer works perfectly. This happens in the first few weeks after commissioning, which is why we (and all reputable bike shops) offer our customers to do this again. The three-month period is not strictly enforced to the exact day, but was created to make it clear that normal wear and tear is * not * included in this service (e.g. new brake pads are never included in the first service.

What is being done?

During a usual first service, we check the spoke tension and remove 8s, check the brakes (tension, setting), readjust the gearing, check the cranks and bearings, and tighten safety-relevant screws. A software update is then carried out for e-bikes. Then the bike is pumped and we do a test ride. This usually causes a workload of between 30-70 minutes.

But I can't bring the bike to the store in Münchenstein!

Since we are not a huge chain, but a small family SME, we can unfortunately offer this service locally everywhere. In other words, in this case you can only benefit from the offer if you bring the bike to us in the shop. But: We are here to help insofar as we can have bikes from all over Switzerland transported to us through our partnership with a small forwarder. This is chargeable and depends on your place of residence, you can find detailed information here..

In addition, if you buy a bike from CHF750, you will get vouchers from us that you can use for collections and deliveries. This means that you don't have to pay anything for this service, depending on the purchase amount.   You can find information about the transport vouchers here..

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