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Tour de Suisse Charisma

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  • 250 char. max

Attention: Tds Velos can be put together individually. We can order everything, but only present online what we actually have in stock and can deliver immediately. Compile your own configurationon the Tour de Suisse web site and simply enter the configuration ID in the field above.

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Fast Tour de Suisse E-City Bike Charisma

The Charisma combines high comfort with high frame stability - and with a beautiful design. The Charisma models are powered by a powerful Bosch drive that is otherwise used on eMTBs. The sitting position remains upright and relaxed. Even beginners can ride in a sporty way. This S-Pedelec proves that with engine thrust up to 45 km / h. The 625Wh frame battery ensures sufficient range

Why should I buy a TdS Charisma?

In general, an e-bike with support up to 45 km / h makes sense if you can take advantage of this either from the route or from your riding style. If you are sporty, you can use the powerful support of this fast electric bike and still arrive relaxed at your destination. In the city you are guaranteed to be faster than in the car.

The low entry guarantees stress-free entry even with a loaded carrier basket or if the personal mobility is no longer as desired.

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Other variants

Other variants can be conveniently placed in the Put together the TdS Velo configurator:

www.tds-velo .ch

Please note that bikes that are not in our store, as of August 2021, have a procurement period of 7 to 12 months

Tour de Suisse

TdS has been building bicycles in Switzerland since 1934, and this many years of experience flows into every single model. The brand has the country in its name, and the company sees this as an obligation to deliver Swiss workmanship of the highest quality. In addition to the basic technical equipment and design, you can choose from a wide range of options so that your new bike is just as beautiful, comfortable and safe as you want it to be. You can rest assured that it will work reliably

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Checked in our Workshop

Each and every bike is partially assembled and checked by experts in our bike shop.

Optionally delivery: 100% ride-ready

For 20 Franks upcharge we'll send you your bike fully assembled to your doorstep. You can select this during checkout as shipping option.

Any Questions?

For further assistance we are there for you, please dont' hesitate to get in touch under:

061 338 92 33

Frame size:

For this bike, we recommend the following frame size for you

Body size:Frame size
158 – 166cmn.m.a.
166 – 174cm48cm
174 – 197cmn,m.a.

This recommendation is based on numerous test rides with customers in our shop. If you want to make the calculation yourself, just in case, you can find all information on our frame size info page.


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